The Importance of the “Free Initial Consultation”

After an accident, choosing the right lawyer to represent you is highly important. In the search for that lawyer, one will notice that the words “free initial consultation” are literally trumpeted in advertising for personal injury lawyers in virtually all parts of the nation. Typically, this tactic is seen by many as no more than an effective marketing tool. However, there is more to the “free consultation” than just marketing; it is actually an extremely beneficial tool for both the injured client as well as the lawyer

To begin, a free initial consultation allows access for injured parties who may be hesitant to contact a lawyer at all for fear of costs. Many times damages can be collected for third party injuries, but only if the correct steps are taken. The first step is to speak with an attorney. This may intimidate some injury victims, as they fear incurring significant fees just to find out they do not have a case at all. The free consultation removes the pressure of costs and allows for an accident victim the ability to learn more about their rights pertaining to their case.

As well, a no cost consultation provides the prospective injury client the opportunity to speak with an attorney to evaluate if that particular lawyer is the right one to handle their case. Evaluating case experience is one important aspect in choosing the right attorney to represent your case. Also, it allows time for many questions relating to not only experience in the particular practice area, but a time to learn more about how the attorney works, and how they will work with you though the process of your case. It is a chance for the victim to really grow comfortable with an attorney before proceeding into a case.

The first meeting is a useful tool for the lawyer as well. The consultation allows the lawyer to evaluate the case to determine if there is legal action that can be taken. The lawyer also has the opportunity to interview the client to be sure they and the client will be able to work well together for the full benefit of the case. If not, then the client has not made any sacrifice and both sides can leave the table with a clear understanding.

One must remember that both personal injury lawyer and prospective client typically do not know each other before an initial consultation. Often the client learns of a particular personal injury lawyer through their website, or other means, and has no personal knowledge of them. The attorney, likewise, does not know the client or anything about their case. The free initial injury consultation permits both the lawyer and injury victim to evaluate each other in order to determine if they are confident in one another to affect a strong outcome resulting in maximum monetary compensation.