Supply Chain Consultants

Supply chain consultants are basically people who provide chain and warehousing management solutions. They might also, and in fact often do, supply project management skills as well as solutions and often to a high degree of expertise.

They also aid in the management discipline of providing informed impartial advice to business enterprises in relation to improving the performance of their supply chains. Areas of expertise tend to typically include the disciplines of sales and operations planning, freight, inventory, and warehousing solutions.

Supply chain consultants will also typically have mathematical skills – often to a high degree. This core skill enables them to make a direct impact on the profit and loss of a company’s business by analysing how much product should be bought, and how much stored at any one time. This usually needs to take into account insurance costs and the cost that it takes to store a product per day before it can be realistically expected that the product be shifted onward through the supply chain – thereby making the company money.

Skills in logistical warehousing are highly sought after and consultants can and do spend many years perfecting these skills. For many companies. they are not in fact dealing with one product only but with many products at the same time and often in a seasonal market place. What makes sense to buy little of during the summer months, such as Christmas paper for instance, completely changes over the festive period when a company storing this can expect it to leave the shelf in the same week that it is bought.

Therefore its total unit cost is vastly different at differing times of year. Supply chain consultants are well versed in this kind change and are also able to handle the product base changing rapidly, depending on what it is that the company is either now producing or buying in.