When Your Group Hires A Consultant, Insist On An EXPERT!

There is an old joke, which states, the definition of a consultant, is, someone, who travels, more than 50 miles, and comes, with visuals, for his presentation! If, you are a leader, it is essential to realize, unless, the individual, you hire, is, actually, an EXPERT, in the specific area/ obstacle/ challenge, you want to address, you are only adding additional expense, and another opinion, from someone lacking, true expertise! While, on many occasions, it makes sense, and is needed/ productive, to bring – in, some outside – help, it will only, make a difference, for the better, when you hire, the right person! With, that in mind, this article will attempt to, briefly, consider, examine, review, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this means and represents, and why it matters.

1. Experience; expertise; enrich: Thoroughly, review, and evaluate, any potential consultant’s relevant experience, and evidence, he has the degree of expertise, which, might make a meaningful difference, for the better, in a realistic manner! Unless/ until, this individual, is ready, willing, and able to truly, enrich, and improve the organization, he won’t be the person, you should be looking for!

2. X: Extra; extraordinary; exciting: Consider, the extra level of quality, knowledge, and judgment, an individual, brings – to – the – table! Only, if/ when, his ideas, skills, and efforts, are relevant, and extraordinary, will hiring him, be exciting (in a positive way), for your group!

3. Planning; perception; priorities; perfection/ precision: It is generally, helpful, to add a level, of quality planning, to how, your group functions, and, if you find the right person, to do so, as well as the advantages, of providing an inspiring, perception, to your stakeholders, everyone, usually, benefits! It is meaningful, when a well – intentioned, leader, adds a level, of perfection and precision, to how, he addresses the needs, and priorities, of the specific organization!

4. Excellence; endurance; empathy; emphasis: Organizations, rarely benefit, when a so – called, leader, settles for good – enough, rather than demanding his utmost degree of genuine excellence, and proceeds, with considerable endurance, to move forward, despite any obstacles, thrust in one’s path! When someone maintains genuine empathy, and places, his primary emphasis, accordingly, everyone benefits! If/ when, we locate the right consultant, to fill – the – void, he is worth, every cent, he costs!

5. Relevant; references; responsive; responsible; realistic; rationale: Consulting only matters, when it emphasizes, relevant, needs, goals, and priorities, in a responsive, responsible way! Smart leaders, take the time, to check a proposed – consultant’s references, thoroughly, to ensure, his actual value! It is important that the rationale, is a realistic one, instead of merely, a hopeful one!

6. Takes time; trends; tells you; teaches; techniques: Don’t rush your decision, and choose the right person, carefully, and deliberately! You will, only, benefit, when he tells you, what he thinks, and teaches your organization, the high – quality, techniques, and proceeds, with an open – mind, to use the appropriate trends, which might be useful, and significant!

Although, there are times, when consultants, are extremely helpful, a wise leader is careful, to hire the right individual, who, is, truly, an EXPERT! Proceed, wisely, or you will only be, going through, the motions!