7 Tips to Start and Build a Successful Consultancy Business From Home

If you plan to start a consultancy business from home, you need to know how to market your experience acquired through your previous job experience.

The industry you will be serving will be in the industry you are familiar with through your years of work experience. Your network of friends and contacts within the industry will know the quality of your work and will be prepared to employ you as their consultant when they need one.

Listed below are 7 helpful tips to consider before going into the consultancy business:

Marketing. A website is a powerful tool to market your business. It is useful to write good contents about your specialities on your web site to show-case your knowledge and skills to your potential clients. Your website will provide you with the exposure you need, 24/7. Your potential clients will identify you as an expert in your field, and this will provide you with opportunities to take on more clients.
Fee pricing. Do some research into what other consultants in your field are charging and then determine what hourly rate you are going to charge for your service. Careful consideration must be taken when your client only offers you a price for the job, regardless of the number of hours you take to complete the assignment. Don’t be afraid to decline your client’s piecemeal offer if you think that you are not going to make any money out of the deal.
Staffing. Initially you will have to do everything yourself from typing proposals, filing, handling mass mailings and dealing with phone calls. Later, as your business grows, you can employ a temporary staff to help you with the administrative work. As your business grows further, you may consider taking on an associate to help you grow your business further.
Get testimonials. Referrals from satisfied clients are your best testimonials. Referrals enhance your identity and your reputation as a business consultant. Remember to always ask for testimonials from your satisfied clients.
Public Relations and networking. Writing articles for journals or giving talks at seminars will raise your profile and that of your consultancy business. The Public Relations exercises will make you known in your consultancy field and will lead to more business coming your way.
Closing the deal. Before you close the deal, ensure that you understand your client’s job specifications and these are carefully clarified, documented and signed by your clients. Honestly ask yourself whether you have the skills and manpower to deliver your client’s specifications on time. If you are confident that you can do so, you should ask directly for the sale.
Customer service. It is essential for the success of your consultancy business to have good relationship with your clients. This is especially so when things go wrong. Clients don’t want excuses. They want results, and they want them delivered on time. Be honest with your assessment of situations and deal promptly with any shortfall in your work. If the situation needs rectification, be prepared to provide follow-up work or after sales services for free.